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Temple of Faith, MBC
“Where Everybody is Somebody, but Christ is All”
Rev. John F. Payne, Pastor
ORGANIZED     August     28,     1980,     under     the leadership     of     Reverend     John     Wayne     Arnold,     28 Christian    believers    became   the   Temple   of   Faith   Baptist Church .      The   first   service   was   held   at   Glennon,   Hall, 12 th    &   Hardesty,   where   we   dwelt   the   first   ten   months.   On September    10,    1980,    the    Mission     and    Bible    studies were    commenced,    which    are    now    held    each    Wed. evening.   The   Temple   is   a   Bible   teaching   church .      On July   19,   1981,   through   the   goodness    and   grace    of   God , the    Temple    of    Faith    Baptist    Church     moved    into    its present   location   at   3000   E.   Gregory   Blvd.,   Kansas   City, Missouri,   where   we   continue   to   worship,   and   minister   to the saints.
Rev.    John    F.    Payne    united    with    the    Temple    of    Faith missionary   Baptist   Church    in   July,   1987,   and   has   served   as Chairman    of    the    Board    of    Deacons    and    the    Board    of Trustees.   He   accepted   his   call   to   the   Gospel   Ministry    in October    1992,    and    after    serving    as    Interim    Pastor    from October   2000,   through   September   2002,   Pastor   Payne   was installed    as    Pastor    of    the    Temple    of    Faith    Missionary Baptist   Church   in   January,   2003.   Pastor   Payne   is   currently a   member   of   Abiding   Faith   MBC,   Secretary   of   the   Baptist Ministers’   Union   of   Kansas   City,   and   the   Director   of   the Congress      of      Christian      Workers,      Sunshine      District Association   of   the   NBCA,   Inc.   He   is   a   Graduate   of   the University    of    Tulsa    (B.S.    1973),    and    the    University    of Missouri    Kansas    City    School    of    Law    (J.D.    1976).    Our Pastor   served   for   18   years   as   Circuit   Court   Commissioner, Division   41,   Jackson   County   Circuit   Court,   as   member   of the   Board   of   Niles   Home   for   Children,   and   continues   to serve    the    interest    of    children    and    families    with    several community   Children   and   Family   service   agencies.   Among other     honors,     our     Pastor     was     named     among     the “Outstanding    Young    Men    of    America”    (1980),    and    the “Outstanding   Family   Advocate-2009”   by   the   Cornerstones of   Care,   a   conglomerate   of   Children   and   Family   Services agencies. We    are    blessed    to    have    this    Preacher/Teacher    as    our leader.